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My name is Kaden and I am currently a tattoo apprentice under the talented Daniel Barsbody over here at Wingnut Tattoo & Piercing in Anoka, Minnesota.

I’ve been told my whole life by friends and family that tattooing suits me for a career but I didn’t believe them until I stepped foot in a shop myself. I started my career working as a receptionist in the St. Cloud location and ever since then I’ve never felt more at home in a workplace. Being a strong advocate for self expression and self love, I admire that in this community both staff and clients alike are able to express their true and authentic selves with no shame. But what intrigues me the most about the art of tattooing is not only creating something beautiful for someone, but that I will be creating something to impact an aspect of someone’s life in a positive way.

I’m very grateful and excited to be learning this new medium of art and can’t wait to start tattooing my own clientele. I would like to say I am taking my apprenticeship very seriously and close to my heart as I learn the craft’s rich history stemming from when tattoo’s first started appearing on people in American culture through American Traditional style to the variety of styles and tattoo machines we have today. My goal is to become an illustrative tattoo artist, but as I learn other styles I would love to keep my horizon open as well. Through my art I find myself most inspired by nature, love and magic!

When I’m not creating art I love to spend time with my lovely boyfriend and our fur babies back at home. They keep us busy throughout our day, but when we’re not giving them cuddles I love to play video games, watch movies or shows, and try out new recipes to bake in the kitchen! When I’m not at home I usually like to visit my boyfriend and I’s families, check out new breweries, go to concerts and spend time around a lake to do some fishing.

I can’t wait to meet the new and exciting people to walk through the door and share my art with everyone!

Arm Tattoo


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