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Eyebrow Tattoo





Paulina has been in the beauty industry since 2009 as a cosmetologist. She currently lives in New London, MN which is also the home of her salon, Mill Pond Salon.


In 2019 she decided to expand her career into the permanent makeup field. She is trained in microblading, micro shading, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip color.

She truly believes that no two sets of brows should be exactly the same. As a perfectionist, she strives to give every individual the perfect brows or eyeliner to fit their unique style.

When she’s not working you can find Paulina spending time with her two young boys and husband at home or traveling.

Image by Collins Lesulie


By Appointment Only Limited Availability 

To make an appointment with Paulina please call the St. Cloud Studio at 320-253-4696

Arm Tattoo


  • What’s your dream car?
    ’67 Caprice with Suicide Doors.
  • You can choose to never have to eat or never have to sleep again, which do you pick and what do you do with the extra time?
    Not eat, and with the extra time maybe sleep and maybe wake up dead.
  • Toilet paper, over or under?
    Under, so the cats can unravel it.
  • What’s one thing you’d love to remove from your daily routine?
    What’s one thing you’d love to remove from your daily routine?
  • Who was your first crush?
    Linda Wagner as Wonderwomen.
  • Everyone gets the lyrics to a song wrong sometimes, what song was your best whoops?
    hmmmmm, good question. I’m blank on this one……..
  • You’re dying for some caffeine, what do you grab?
    Jolt Cola.
  • What’s the best or worst thing about smart phones?
    Small keyboard with fat yhumbs typing, makes for bad spelling .
  • What’s your karaoke song?
    Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash.
  • You wake up tomorrow morning one power, talent or ability richer, what can you do now?
    Control Time.



Before you schedule an appointment with a St Cloud MN Microblading Service, you should ask about the procedure’s costs and possible risks. Ask about the type of numbing creams used, pigments used, and insurance coverage.


While the FDA recommends using 5% lidocaine, some people still find the experience uncomfortable. While most microblading artists use a stronger numbing cream, some clients opt-out. These people should conduct a patch test before their appointment to ensure they will not react to the numbing cream. Besides, many people have different pain thresholds, and menstruation can affect how sensitive they are.


If you’re considering a St. Cloud, MN microblading service, you may wonder how to choose the correct pigments. Pigments used during this semi-permanent procedure are usually made from high-quality pigments. Pigments used during microblading are formulated for the skin’s resiliency. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading deposits pigments into the basal layer of the epidermis. This pigment then migrates to the skin’s surface and inevitably fades due to the dividing cells.

After a microblading procedure, the pigments should last anywhere from one to three years. However, this can vary depending on the skin type. Oily skin tends to fade pigments more quickly, so clients should plan for touch-ups every year. Microblading is best performed during a non-sun-exposed period, as exposure to natural sunlight can affect the results.


For the perfect brows, look for a microblading artist specializing in powder and combination brows. The microblading process places hair strokes on the face using a manual tool. After the strokes are placed, shading is used to add density and fill in gaps. This treatment takes two to four sessions and requires approximately eight weeks of healing time between sessions. The cost of combination brows is $150 per session.

The St Cloud MN Microblading Service provides both ombre and pigmented brows. Ombre Brows are the perfect solution for both combination and dry skin. Ombre brows are machine brows created with tiny specks of pigment. They can last up to two years and look just like makeup. You’ll look and feel like a Hollywood star!

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