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8 Best Tattoo Ideas for Men

Body art is a creative way for men to voice their individuality. With the numerous options for tattooing styles and designs for men, it is tough to discover the ideal concept. Here is a list of the eight best tattoo ideas for men to save you some pain in creating a tattoo concept.

Painting a tattoo

Tattoo Ideas for Men

1. Simple Tattoos

If you enjoy the minimalist approach, simple tattoos are the thing. There is so much beauty in simplicity. The lines are clean, straightforward, and, when done right, say a lot with little effort. Simple tattoos are great for patchwork pieces. Symbols, words, and shapes are paired or grouped to create a narrative.

2. Geometric Tattoos

If you are into squares, triangles, circles, and the like, geometric tattoos offer a clean, structured aesthetic. These can be as simple or complex as you want. Optical illusions are created with geometric tattoos. Something that could be awesomely trippy to try is fractals. These could offer a fun challenge for the artist to play.

3. Tribal Tattoos

Tattoo, floral ornaments

Indigenous body art is very sacred and ancient. These tattoos were created during special rituals and rites of passage for centuries. This tattoo could provide an opportunity to look deep into your heritage.

Indigenous body art spans from Irish to Polynesian roots across the world. Doing a little homework for this style is a good idea. This could be a very poignant piece to feature.

4. Feather Tattoo

Show your softer side or darker side, depending on the type of feather or feathers you choose. Feathers look light and airy, adding a naturally attractive aesthetic to an art piece.

5. Traditional Tattoo

Sailor Jerry always comes to mind when thinking of the classic Americana-style tattoo. American Traditional or Old School has bold black lines and a few colors like red, yellow, and green, plus these tattoos age well.

If you are into the old-school style but want more options, Neo-traditional is the way to go. It is a more diverse version of old school with a much larger color palette and imagery limited to the imagination.

6. Snake Tattoo

Snakes are often misunderstood, represent knowledge in the pagan sense, and can be dangerous. These tattoos can be slick additions to your design. You can place a snake pretty much anywhere in your tattoo concept. The slithery reptile slipping through a skull's eye sockets with a sharp-looking sword is an often-used image.

7. Portrait Tattoos

tattoo for men Medusa tattoo style

Caricatures and realistic faces are an option that is either great or awful. Make sure the face etched into your skin is one you want to see every day with this tattoo style.

It can be a great way to memorialize someone important to you or someone you find influential. You can even do favorite pets or animals you love to see in nature.

8. Animal Tattoo

For some, animals are more interesting than people. Wolf, dog, cat, rat, all these animals can look amazing in ink. An animal could be your spirit guide, a pet you love, or the animal you feel hides inside. Irezumi tattoos often feature animals like tigers, dragons, and koi.

Where to Find Inspiration

So, you've looked at our best tattoo ideas for men list, and now you have a style in mind, envisioning the tattoo may still be a little fuzzy. Luckily, there is tattoo inspiration all around you. Below is a list of suggested places to gander to spark tattoo ideas in the brain.

  • Art galleries

  • Comic books

  • Alternative art shows

  • Tattoo artist portfolios

  • Hiking in the woods, at the beach, in the mountains, in nature in general

  • Traveling to other countries

  • Check out Wingnut Tattoo for ideas online

  • Your background - birthplace, family history, personal history, etc.

  • Contemplative phrases

  • Quotes

  • Poems

  • People important to you - parents, friends, family, mentors, etc.

  • Books

  • Zodiac Signs

Common Places to Position Tattoos

Where to place your tattoo could be critical to how your piece works, depending on your pain tolerance and level of patience. The chest and back are spacious canvases for larger designs.

Less painful areas to place a tattoo are on the hands, and arms, such as the forearm, elbow, bicep, and legs. A popular site to put a simple tattoo is just above the knuckle on the fingers, which won't hurt as much.

Our list of best tattoo ideas for men helped you out. Creating a meaningful tattoo should be based on what's important and appealing to you. The design can depend on your personality, style, and what you want the tattoo to represent.

Be bold about getting a little help. Our licensed artists at Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing love to help shape ideas for our clients as part of our excellent customer service. We want our clients to be happy with the tats they get. They're permanent, after all.

Feel free to stop by our Anoka and St. Cloud, MN locations. Talk to our experienced professional staff and browse some portfolios. If you find an artist you like, book an appointment with us. Thanks for checking out the best tattoo ideas for men. Hope to meet you at the shops!

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