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Getting a Tattoo: From the First Slice of the Needle to the Last Sweep of the Machine

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Close up tattoo artist demonstrates the process of getting black tattoo with paint. Master works in black sterile gloves. Master of tattoo fill circuit tattoo.

If you've ever considered getting a tattoo, you may have wondered what it feels like. So we asked an expert to give us the lowdown on what it's like to get inked. Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing is a professional tattoo and piercing studio in Anoka, MN, and St. Cloud, MN. With over 20 years of experience, they know exactly what to expect when getting a tattoo.

Read on to find out what they said about the experience of getting a tattoo!

The Skin Is Numbed with a Topical Anesthetic

Getting a tattoo can be a nerve-wracking experience, and the thought of experiencing pain during the process is usually what many people worry about the most. To help reduce any discomfort or pain associated with tattooing, professional body piercers and tattoo artists will often use a topical anesthetic to numb the area where the tattoo is being applied. This numbing cream helps ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible and minimizes the pain you will feel during the tattooing process.

Topical anesthetics are also safe for most people; however, those with allergies should take caution. Be sure to let your artist know if you have any allergies or sensitivities before beginning the tattooing process so they can adjust their use of topical anesthetics accordingly. Additionally, following your artist's aftercare instructions is key to helping tattoos heal properly and avoiding an allergic reaction.

At Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing, we understand how important it is to ensure our clients have a positive and comfortable experience when getting a tattoo. We strive to provide our clients with the highest customer service.

With our experienced artists and attentive care, you can trust that we will do everything possible to ensure your tattooing experience is as painless as possible. So whether you're getting your first tattoo or looking for a new one, visit us at our Anoka and St. Cloud locations today!

The Needles Feel like Tiny Scratches

The process of getting a tattoo can be intimidating, especially when it comes to needles. But don't worry because, with the proper aftercare instructions and professional tattooing process, you don't need to fear that the needles will hurt too much. Generally, the needles feel like tiny scratches on your skin that may cause discomfort or pain, depending on where you get the tattoo and how painful the area is.

It's normal to experience pain while getting a tattoo, but many people find that the tattoos heal quicker if they are done with fewer needle passes. However, if you have an allergic reaction to the ink or are having a harrowing tattooing experience, make sure to let your artist know so that they can adjust their technique accordingly. Again, the needles feel like tiny scratches, but with a bit of preparation, you'll get through the pain with minimal fuss.

There Will Be Some Bleeding

Client getting a tattoo salon feeling pain during process of tattooing

No matter the artist's skill, bleeding is a natural part of tattooing. Keeping the area clean and dry during the healing process is essential. This helps reduce any potential risks of infection or an allergic reaction.

It is also essential to follow all aftercare instructions from your professional artist. This will help ensure that your tattoos heal properly and look great. In addition, your artist will know best how to care for your skin type.

When it comes to experiencing pain during a tattooing session, the level of pain varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. As a result, some people may find the process painful, while others may experience minimal discomfort. Painful tattooing can occur when the artist works too deeply or applies too much pressure to the skin. If this happens, let your artist know so they can adjust their technique.

Whatever level of pain you are experiencing, remember that tattoos heal! Therefore, you can enjoy your artwork for many years with proper care and regular maintenance.

It's Normal to Feel a Little Anxious

No matter how much preparation you have done for your tattoo, it is normal to feel a little anxious before, during, and even after the tattooing process. For some, the anticipation of pain can be just as nerve-wracking as the experience itself. In addition, you may worry about an allergic reaction or whether the tattoos will heal properly.

At Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing in Anoka and St. Cloud, Minnesota, we understand that each person's experience with pain is different. As a result, our team is trained in the most up-to-date practices. As a result, it is skilled at minimizing discomfort by using the right needle configurations and following proper aftercare instructions.

If you are worried about pain levels during the tattooing process, our experienced tattoo artists can provide you with a personalized assessment of how painful your tattoo may be. Additionally, they can provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure that your tattoos heal correctly and look their best.

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable during their tattooing experience, so our team goes above and beyond to ensure that all our clients feel at ease. So don't hesitate to ask us questions or voice any concerns—we're here to help!

Aftercare Is Important

Woman applying cream on her arm with tattoos

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience, but it's important to remember that healing takes time and requires proper care. After your tattoo is complete, Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing will give you detailed aftercare instructions on how to care for your new artwork.

You must follow these instructions closely to ensure that your tattoo heals properly and without complications, such as an allergic reaction. The tattooing process can be painful, and it is essential to remember that tattoos do not heal immediately. The healing process can take several weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo.

When caring for your newly tattooed skin, avoid anything that could cause irritation or infection, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and excessive exposure to sunlight. You may also experience some discomfort and pain during this time, but it should subside as your tattoos heal.

Remember that the success of your tattoo depends on proper care and aftercare. Be sure to talk to your Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing artist about any questions or concerns about the tattooing process and pain levels before getting a tattoo. With the proper care, your tattoos will heal beautifully and last for years!

Experience Getting a Tattoo From Us

Getting a tattoo can be a gratifying experience, even if it may be painful. However, before committing to the process, do your research and be aware of any potential allergic reactions or pain levels you may experience.

Contact us today or visit our website to book your appointment and start on your journey of beautiful and creative tattoos!

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