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Tips To Consider On How to Find A Good Piercer

Body piercing process. Professional piercer in the disposable gloves sets nose ring properly

Now that you've decided to get body jewelry, where do you go? With the risk of bloodborne diseases, you must be careful about who does your piercing. Getting a body piercing is a personal decision that requires careful consideration. Getting to find a good piercer is one of the most important decisions you can make for your body piercings. It's a make-or-break deal, so find a good piercer who inspires confidence.

The ideal piercer should earn trust by demonstrating knowledge and competence. They should be ready to provide a consultation and demonstrate their skills. If you want a new piercing, Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing is a professional piercer to do it. We look at key things to look for when looking for a piercer.

Licensing and Permits

It would be best if you first looked into the piercing studios and the piercer's credentials. Determine whether the piercer has proper certification. The ideal piercer must have a bloodborne pathogen, first aid, and CPR certification. If they have an Association of Professional Piercers certification, it's always a good sign that they are reputable.

A piercer must have completed the training and have their studio approved by peers to join the Association of Piercing Professionals. In most cases, piercers with licensing and permits have passed some inspection. Start by calling your local Health Department to determine if there are established standards and inspections in your area.

Certified professional stamp

Only work with a piercer if the studio operates illegally in an area requiring licenses. Certification is a sign that they are reputable and have undergone the training. They ought to receive yearly certification-based training in bloodborne pathogens.

Studio Set-up and Hygiene

To find a good piercer, he must have a clean studio premise and staff, and their studio must look nice. Consider factors like washed walls, vacuumed carpets, clean and tidy restrooms, and neat staff. To find a good piercer, he should also have clean instruments. For proper equipment cleaning, every piercing studio must have an autoclave sterilizer.

It also needs to be checked each week to ensure its functioning properly. Before visiting the studio, check reviews that discuss cleanliness to get an idea of how clean it is. Good reviews tell whether the piercer fits your preference. Also, consider the sterilization process.

Before visiting the studio, check online reviews that discuss cleanliness and get in touch with the studio to inquire about their piercing procedure. Ensure the studio has all the areas, such as the counter, waiting area(s), piercing room(s), restroom, and a separate sterilization room.

Sterile Equipment For Piercing

good piercer - Close up of man opening steril equipment for piercing. Piercings getting ready for Procedure. Body piercing salon. Woman getting a piercing

Sterile equipment for piercing is as important as the piercing itself. Ask to see the autoclave, a device that sterilizes the jewelry, tools, and reusable equipment required to perform the piercing(s). It helps eliminate bacteria and their spores. It's a good sign if they mention autoclave sterilization and receive positive feedback about their cleanliness.

Ensure your jewelry is made from specific materials that won't irritate you when you get pierced. Typically, starter jewelry for piercers is made of titanium. It is the perfect material for your first piece of jewelry because it requires few permits, is nickel-free, and is cheap to produce.

If a piercing studio uses externally threaded jewelry, contains nickel, or is made of non-biocompatible materials, they are likely using subpar jewelry and are not to be trusted.

Aftercare Instructions

The piercer should provide aftercare instructions after all piercings, including advice on how to maintain the health of your piercing. This includes both oral and written instructions. One helpful hint is cleaning your piercing three to six times a day with Recovery Saline Solution or another premium sea salt wash.

If a piercer or studio instructs you to clean the piercing with abrasive soap, cream, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, don't work with them because they are not adhering to professional standards. While the piercing is healing, a good studio will also give you a free consultation. After the swelling has subsided, switch to a smaller jewelry item while the piercing heals.

Consider Reviews and Recommendations

You can find unbiased reviews about a piercer in your town. Read the reviews and recommendations and choose someone who can offer a positive experience. You should also check their social media pages to see what people think besides using review sites. For example, you can get a good idea of the piercing studio's operations by conducting a quick Instagram search.

The customer comments and the piercing studio's responses to the comments can provide you with a wealth of information. Visit a piercing studio that specializes in piercings. Alternatively, ask knowledgeable friends or the local health department for recommendations on a piercing shop or piercer. If the piercer or the studio doesn't make you comfortable, leave and look for a qualified body piercer.

Find a Good Piercer

Did you know that choosing a novice piercer is why piercings fail so frequently? Don't choose your piercer based solely on their proximity to you. Make sure to find a good piercer that you choose who has experience with the piercing you want before booking an appointment.

To find a good piercer is an important step in the piercing process. If you are in Anoka, MN, and Cloud, MN, Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing can provide you with the best tattoo and piercing services. We have extensive knowledge of choosing a piercer in the art and tattoo industry. Contact us for quality professional piercing services. We have licensed artists that'll give you the best tattoo and piercing services.


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