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What is Permanent Makeup?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Beautician Doing Eyebrow Makeup Tattoo On Woman Using Machine

Over the past few years, permanent makeup has become a smart way to enhance natural beauty. In addition to boosting your self-confidence, this makeup technique is nearly maintenance-free, saves you a lot of time and money, is tailored to your face, and lasts significantly longer.

For the best results, ensure you work with a professional artist. Contact Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing today for the perfect solution to fit your unique style. However, before investing in the procedure, you may also want to learn a few things about the cosmetic tattoo technique.

Here's what you need to know.


process of applying permanent makeup tattoo of red on lips

Permanent makeup is also known as micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattoos. The cosmetic technique involves using tattoos to produce designs that resemble makeup. This is achieved by applying colored pigment to the dermal layer of the skin using a tattoo pen.

The procedure helps to not only enhance facial features but also cover blemishes. Common treatment areas include:

• Eyebrows

• Eyelashes

• Eyelids

• Lips


Now that you know what permanent makeup is, you will want to learn what the tattoo procedure is like. Generally, this procedure can be done in an office setting. Here are the steps involved.

1. Before the procedure, your cosmetic specialist will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the skin. This will help to minimize pain and ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.

2. Next, the specialist will sketch the design so you can clearly understand what to expect once the procedure is complete. You can also tweak the design to ensure it suits your preferences.

3. The professional will then use a pen containing iron oxide to make numerous tiny perforations in the skin and insert the pigment. This creates the look of makeup.

Depending on the complexity of the procedure, you can expect your visit to last anywhere between 30 minutes and a few hours. However, there are times when you may require several treatments to achieve the desired result.


Permanent microblasting tattooing freckles

When it comes to the type of permanent cosmetics makeup procedure you would like to have done, there are many options available to you. Learning more about these options and how long each lasts is important. This will enable you to make informed choices. Below are some of the most popular procedures.


This is arguably the most popular permanent makeup treatment. With this cosmetic procedure, pigment is deposited under the skin in the brow area. This mimics the strokes of natural eyebrow hairs to create the illusion of fuller brows, effectively enhancing the appearance of your eyebrows.

Considering that these are semi-permanent tattoos, microblading will fade away after some time. Depending on your lifestyle and skin type, you can expect results to last between 18 and 30 months.


Also known as lip tinting, this lip tattoo is designed to enhance the color and shape of your lips. The cosmetic procedure ensures increased pigmentation, enhances lip symmetry, and makes your lips appear fuller. During this procedure, tiny dots of tattoo pigment are deposited into your lips using small needles.

After lip blushing, the finished product eliminates the need for temporary lip makeup. Generally, you can expect results to last for about two years. After that, you must attend touch-up appointments to maintain the look.


This cosmetic technique involves implanting pigment under the skin along the lash line. The procedure is designed to recreate the look of wearing eyeliner. It enhances your eyes and makes them pop, ensuring you look your best from the moment you open them.

Contrary to what the name suggests, permanent eyeliner will gradually fade away. On average, results will last about one to three years. The fading rate will depend on factors such as skin type and health.


Scar camouflage is also called camouflage tattooing or skin color tattooing. This procedure deposits flesh-colored pigments that match your skin into a scar's surface. This helps blend the scar with healthy skin, effectively masking various forms of scars, burns, birthmarks, and skin conditions.

Scar camouflage tends to last longer than other types of permanent makeup. This is because scar tissue has no sweat glands and a thicker texture. Results last two to five years and may last longer with a good skincare routine and minimal exposure to the sun.


This cosmetic tattooing treatment is supposed to recreate the look of natural freckles or beauty marks on the face. The freckle marks are placed by inserting freckle-colored pigments into the skin. Common treatment areas include the nose, upper cheeks, lips, collarbones, and shoulders.

Once your freckles have healed, they can last up to three years before they gradually start to fade. However, most people need touch-ups after one year.

Are you looking for a qualified permanent makeup artist? We have extensive knowledge of what to look for and avoid in the art and tattoo industry. Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing presents our licensed artists that will provide you with the best tattoo and piercing services.

We have two locations: Anoka, MN, and St. Cloud, MN. Contact us today to get a price quote and to request our services.

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